Dutch shareholders’ association VEB (Vereniging van Effectenbezitters, see: represents the interests of investors. The association makes its voice heard through shareholders' meetings, in several media and via campaigns against demonstrable abuses in listed companies.

The VEB has more than 48,000 members, including both retail investors and institutional investors.

Representing shareholders

The VEB has a team of experts who are committed to act in the interests of investors.


Advocacy will largely take place during the more than 150 shareholders’ meetings which are attended annually. These meetings are attended by both employees of the VEB and a team of meeting attendees. In these meetings, the VEB focuses on shareholder interests. Issues such as dividend policy, acquisitions, corporate governance and capital position get extra attention.

The VEB also aims to have a more active role in the field of (making use of) voting rights attached to shares. The VEB can vote on behalf of shareholders to ensure they are represented in major shareholders’ meetings.

This will be achieved through:

  • Intensifying attendance at shareholders’ meetings;
  • Paying Extra attention to the relationship with institutional investors;
  • Using the SCA for sending information to participating listed companies; and
  • Recruiting votes among private investors.

Collective actions

In some cases, the VEB undertakes (legal) actions to defend the interests of the investors involved.

Information to investors

Besides advocacy, the VEB does everything it can to inform investors as well as possible on current developments in the financial world. This is done through their website ( as well as the investment magazine Effect which VEB members receive twelve times a year.

Investors Conference

The VEB organises an annual conference “Day of the Investor”, which is attended by more than 7,000 interested investors. The conference offers companies an opportunity to present their products, operations, strategy and results to a large group of investors through a stand in the exhibition area and/or a business presentation.

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