Corporate Announcements

Besides the (quarterly) financial results, there is a whole range of announcements that corporations are obliged to make or which they can choose to make public.

Information relevant to the company (story)

This can be price-sensitive information, but is not limited to this. In short, price-sensitive information is information that could influence the share price of a company and that is therefore expected to have an influence on investment decisions by investors.

Companies announcing price-sensitive information have to follow strict rules, such as distribution through a press release (Section 5.1a of the Wft).

Financial communication

Furthermore, companies can opt to disclose non-price-sensitive information, such as (small) orders, product launches, appointments, campaigns or surveys.

Financial PR or Investor Relations is not only about the obligatory information, but also about the corporate story that a company wants to share with its stakeholders.

These announcements will often be made public through a press release, but this can also be complemented or substituted through other methods of communication dependent on the company’s profile and culture, the nature of the announcement and the target audience.

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