A presentation is used during various communication moments throughout the year. The IRO will frequently use a dedicated presentation as a communication tool in addition to a press release. It is for instance common practice to use a presentation for the publication of a company’s quarterly results, during the Annual General Meeting for Shareholders (AGM) or for instance during road shows.

Investor presentation

Most companies have a so-called investor presentation that they continuously update, with the latest published results, the latest developments etc. This presentation is used for one-on-one meetings with investors throughout the year. It is regarded as best practice to make all presentations publicly available by publishing them on the company’s corporate website.

Be aware that the presentation should in principle not disclose any information which has not been disclosed in the press release – despite the fact that the IR presentation will also be published.

Tips and tricks

Generally, an IR presentation is made with the intention to be able to show this presentation on a screen.
One should therefore take note of various ‘do’s and don’ts’ in making presentations:

  • make use of readable font (for the last row of the audience;
  • do not put too much information on one slide;
  • be aware of the colors used: are they visible at a distance?;
  • use illustrations and graphics to liven up the presentation;
  • be aware of the number of slides you wish to present - you can always add additional slides as addendum in the back end of the pack. A general rule of thumb is that one slide means three minutes of speech / presentation;
  • consider presenting an agenda as slide 2 to ‘guide’ the audience;
  • make print copies to hand out to the audience, with the possibility to make notes on the slides.

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