Listed companies may wish to consider webcasting AGMs, management presentations of financial results and other management presentations. A webcast is an audio and/or video broadcast, either live or pre-recorded, of a physical meeting or event via internet.


It enables you to make physical meetings accessible online to a live audience of tens, hundreds or thousands of viewers worldwide. This not only increases the number of people who can follow your meetings, but also provides you with a record of the knowledge shared during them, since a webcast can also be viewed and searched afterwards.

In addition to the audio and visual components, webcasts can also feature other relevant information such as PowerPoint slides of presentations which can be synchronised with the audio and video, agenda items and interactive options like ‘Ask a question’, live chat, polls or surveys.


A webcast can be produced fully in line with an event’s or organisation’s house style. After the broadcast, detailed audience statistics are available, including viewing behaviour and geographical location. Other names for a webcast are ‘web event’, ‘web lecture’, ‘virtual event’ or ‘live stream’.

A webcast is different from a webinar: a webcast is the broadcast of a physical event or meeting where a physical audience is present, whereas a webinar has a solely online audience and hence is often more interactive.

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