IR Consultancies

In essence, IR consultancies are independent investor relations consulting firms hired by corporates to support them in developing and/or implementing (parts of) the companies’ IR programme. IR consultancies can take the role of an IRO (in the event a company does not have a dedicated IRO) or support the IR team in the execution (and possibly in determining) the IR programme.

IR Consultancy Services

In essence the services provided by IR consultancies are in one way or another related to building, maintaining and/or improving the companies’ relationships with its financial stakeholders.

IR consultancies can offer a broad range of IR related services to support the Executive Board or the in-house IR team on a retained basis. In addition there are specialised IR consultancies offering niche services such as share register analysis and targeting, road shows, sentiment surveys, in-house training and communications materials.

Support in corporate transactions

While most publicly traded companies have dedicated IR officers (IROs) who oversee most aspects of the companies’ investor relations activities, corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions may require the support of an IR consultancy.

Some of the services that IR consultancy firms provide are also offered by other financial advisors such as corporate brokers, registrars and financial PR firms.

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