Analyst Meetings

At an analyst meeting, members of the Executive Board (generally the CEO and CFO) of listed companies provide information about the company’s historic performance and future prospects. For example, the company will comment on its reported results, give a strategy update or discuss a merger or large acquisition.

Most listed companies organise a face-to-face analyst meeting at least twice a year, when the company publishes its annual and semi-annual results.

Quarterly results call

For the Q1 and Q3 results updates it is common to arrange a conference call for analysts.

Other analyst meetings

Analyst meetings are one of the many ways companies provide information. The information needs of analysts differ from those of investors or the media. That is why most companies organise separate meetings for the different key audiences of the company.

Format of the meeting

An analyst meeting typically starts with a presentation by the CEO about the strategy and/or operational developments of the business, followed by the CFO who gives financial details. Often, the CEO wraps up the presentation.

Q & A session

After the presentation, there is room for a Q&A (Questions and Answers) session, for many analysts the most important part of the meeting.


At an analyst meeting, analysts are able to obtain information that helps them form a better founded opinion of the company. Share price sensitive information should never be given. To maximise transparency, most companies - especially the larger ones - make their analyst meetings available through a webcast (audio or video).

It is customary to post/publish the presentation together with the relating press release on the company’s website in order to secure equal treatment of shareholders. This should be done prior to the meeting.

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