Press Conferences

Press conferences form an integral part of the company's dissemination of (financial) information. Financial information needs to be disclosed to the media according to certain principles and regulations (also see: to ensure equal and fair treatment of shareholders.

Financial Public Relations (PR)

During an interactive financial press conference, the focus is on explaining the ‘story behind the results’, more so than just the formal regulatory disclosure requirements. The company is de facto the marketer of the company’s shares on the capital market.

Press conferences can vary in form and content. Depending on the information to be distributed, a meeting following for example a press release could take the form of a full press conference inviting all financial journalists of national and regional newspapers and the news agencies.

One-on-one meetings between journalists of important publications and a company spokesman could be another way of explaining financial or strategic developments in more detail.

Financial communication in social media

Press meetings will not necessarily target social media. But especially on Twitter, there are users with a large group of followers and prestige, who could be important persons to target in financial communication as well.

Organising the press conference

There is no specific regulation prescribing the need to organise a press conference. A general criterion is the number of questions to be expected. Another reason could be the complexity of the subjects and issue to be disclosed. Finally, organising a press conference could be simply to strengthen relationships with journalists. A meeting with the press has to be prepared meticulously using key messages. Authenticity, transparancy and reliability (honesty) are essential.

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