Capital Markets Days

Having regular contact with investors and analysts is important to a listed company. Many companies organise capital markets days, often off-season, to provide financial stakeholders the opportunity to meet management of the company, get more information on the company in general and usually a division in particular, or for instance an update on strategy. The company has the chance to show a broader perspective and also invite non-board members to give a presentation.

Choosing the venue, opportunity for site visits

A capital markets day can be held at the head office or any other venue, but as a capital markets day often has the intention to create a better and deeper understanding of parts of the business, many companies choose to take the investors and analysts on a site visit.

In addition to the presentations that are given during the capital markets day, the site visit often includes a tour of the plant, facilities or location at which the meeting is held. When abroad, site visits can be spread over more than one day.

Inviting analysts and investors

A capital markets day will typically be announced in advance, and the company can choose to invite both analysts and investors. Generally, investors are also invited to a a capital markets day , whereas when the company only plans to invite sell-side analysts it will be called an analyst day. Many larger companies hold a capital markets day annually, and webcast this through their website. It is common practice to post the (slides of the) presentations given on the website.

Issuing a press release?

If news or price-sensitive information will be disclosed during the capital markets day, it is obligatory to publish a press release upfront.

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