Financial media, but general and trade media as well, are important stakeholders to address in an IR and communications programme of a (listed) company as a means to reach (potential) investors. Building on media relations is a continuous process which is necessary to enable both qualitative and quantitative media exposure for a corporate.

IR media moments and contacts

In a normal annual IR cycle, the publication of the results is a typical moment in time for management to talk to the press. During the (semi) annual results publication, most listed companies, next to organising an analyst meeting, often also organise a presentation for media as well, sometimes even combined with the analyst meeting.

Media attention for reporting results

Some companies combine the two meetings (analyst and press), although this is not customary. During a press conference in which management elaborates on the reported results, journalists are often given the opportunity to ask questions and sometimes do a short one-on-one or longer interview. Prior to the meeting, a corporate can also organise a conference call with journalists of news wires in the early morning, this way steering messages shortly after publishing its results release.

Media Relations

Corporate IR and/or Communications are the designated parties to build and maintain media relations, not only in preparation for the results, but also throughout the year. This should preferably be a combination of both active and reactive contact and also involves talks with journalists to introduce the company to them by means of background information.

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