Financial PR Firms

Financial PR firms are independent public relations agencies hired by corporates to support them in developing and/or implementing (parts of) the companies’ PR program.

Financial PR firms work closely with senior management of the company (i.e. the client), usually the CEO and CFO, and, if applicable, with the investor relations team when it has an in-house function. The audiences that a financial PR firm will engage with on behalf of its client are primarily the business media, sell-side analysts, private client brokers and, where required alongside the company’s brokers, institutional investors.

Financial PR firms’ support

Typically financial PR firms have extensive knowledge of and contact with the financial and business media. The agency will provide advice to its client to maximize the opportunities to communicate with the global marketplace.

Other areas in which a financial PR agency supports its client are among others the drafting of regulatory news releases and (financial) presentations, advice on corporate governance issues and communications advice during crisis situations.

Financial PR in corporate transactions

While most publicly traded companies have dedicated communication officers (corporate communications department), corporate transactions such as hostile bids or a reputation issue may require the support of a financial PR firm on an ad hoc basis.

Some of the services that financial PR firms provide are also offered by other financial advisors such as corporate brokers, registrars and IR consultancies.

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